Our work

These are some of the results from the work at the XR Lab.

The Projection Mapping Situational Layer

The Projection Mapping Situational Layer (PMSL) is a tabletop projection mapping application, where the real-time positioning data of sea vessels in the Vesterålen district are visualized.

Project: Gaia Vesterålen (funded by RCN)

InVizAR: Augmented Reality visualization of invisible fields utilizing sensor data

InVizAR's main objective is to explore efficient and user-friendly AR visualizations of sensor data describing "invisible fields", like electromagnetic fields or radio signals.

Project: InVizAR (funded by internal SEP/RCN)

Gaia System v1.0

On June 8th, the Gaia System v1 (first prototype) of the Gaia Vesterålen project (led by Museum Nord-Lofotr Næringsdrift) was presented at the Sortland Museum.

Project: Gaia Vesterålen (funded by RCN)

VR locomotion: empirical and conceptual research

VR locomotion, an important interaction component that enables navigation in VR environments, has been extensively investigated both from conceptual and empirical standpoints.

Project: Center for Service Innovation (funded by RCN)

VR text input: empirical evaluation and the Drum-Like VR keyboard

The prevalent VR text-input techniques have been investigated, as well as a new text-input technique called the VR Drum-Like Keyboard.

Project: Center for Service Innovation (funded by RCN)

DARWIN Virtual Reality Game

The DARWIN Virtual Reality Game was created as a tool for training users on how to use the DARWIN Resilience Management Guidelines in a crisis simulation.

Project: DARWIN (funded by EU)

Audio AR in tourism: the AudioNear and AudioTransit apps

We explored the design, development and evaluation of prototype audio AR tour guides with which we investigate the design of audio AR systems for urban tourism.

Project: DARWIN (funded by EU)

VR Service Prototyping: the Virtual Bodystorming and VR Service Walkthrough methods

We use VR to develop new service prototyping environments and more realistic and improved service-journey simulations.

Project: Center for Service Innovation (funded by RCN)

AR & Intelligent Personal Assistants for Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The combination of AR visualization and personal assistants for BIM purposes is tested on this 2-month long internal project.

Project: funded by internal SEP/RCN